Friday, January 18, 2013

Best of 2012

It is still January and I think it is still not too late for me to pick my best photos for 2012
The photos will be a mixture of wedding portraiture, landscapes, and nature
The photos were arranged randomly
Please enjoy!

Photo during this year's Eid with cousins. Just look at how everybody express themselves, so festive mood!

Amin & Nisa during their wedding. On the far right is Tasha. Love the expression in this picture.

Eddy & Emy wedding outdoor photoshoot at Masjid Ubuidiyah Kuala Kangsar. Great couple and great photo!

Backyard photo. Taken at Laman Sanur, squirrel on the tree.

Falling leaves. Photo was taken during a healthy walk around Taman Botani Negara aka Bukit Cerakah

The powerful 200 mm lens. Anything is possible!

Dragon dance in Hat Yai. The atmosphere was so vibrant and colorful.

Slow shutter during daylight. Pretty challenging but thanks to the beautiful model. Hidayah in the house!!!

Sunset in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Syila & Aboy. Another powerful shot with 200 mm lens.

I love taking pictures of this couple. Dzeti & Hisyam are among the best couple that I've worked with.

Hairy & Aniza. Outdoor photoshoot in Seremban. Love the bokeh from 200 mm lens.

Masterpiece from 50 mm lens. Love the sunray at the edge of the photo. Another photo of Dzeti & Hisyam.

I told you I love taking pictures of this couple. Very sporting and spontaneous!

Fadhli & Ayu. Photo taken in Mentakab, Pahang. One of THE railroad photoshoot. Different but interesting!

Hud conveying his LOVE to Eena. Taken in Kota Bharu. Both of them are happily married now. Congrats!

Taken during the 55th National Independence Day at Merdeka Square, KL.

Muamalat. Picture taken at Pasar Siti Khadijah, where ladies are in control of the business.

Engagement photo of my high school friend Baizura. Happy faces!

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